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Exceptional Representation

Since 2017, Susie Adams has been practicing law in Polk County, Texas. As a partner at Loring & Associates, PLLC. she had the opportunity to represent people of this community in all sorts of legal matters. Now that her law partner, Shawn Loring, has been wooed back to his home state of California, she is continuing to practice law here in Polk County.


Susie has decades of experience assisting clients with a variety of legal issues. For those in the fulltime RV world, she has provided advice on selecting a domicile and have also created estate plans, and probated estates when clients have passed on.


Real estate issues can be complex and easy to get wrong. By law, any transfer of land must be made in writing which is why deeds and land sale contracts are common. Real estate is made additionally complicated by covenants, restrictions, and easements commonly used by subdivisions, home owners’ associations, and property owners’ associations. Susie has helped clients navigate the complex world of real estate law.


Susie has also provided services to help clients with their business formation and with the growth of that business, regardless of whether that business is a corporation, an LLC, or a partnership. Every business relies on contracts to function. And every business faces human resources issues. she has helped poise a company for its next phase of growth and success.


Susie has represented both plaintiffs and defendants by litigating lawsuits and providing representation at trial, and in mediations and arbitrations.


Susie hopes to always be consistent, patient and professional, while walking you through each step of your legal matter. With K. Susie Adams Attorney at Law, she will help her clients overcome their most complex legal issues. If you need help, contact us today.


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About Us

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